Once I heard a song called “Zing Went the Strings of My Heart”. It is a very old song, comes from the era of Hollywood musicals, but it is the title he won in interested.
I found similarities between the heart of the song and my own heart, especially that both are “Zinging. I’ve become too sensitive to the world around me. You can believe or not, but I began to mourn after a commercial playing, my eyes cry when someone dies, and turn off the TV when the news is too drastic. Sometimes I feel like a lonely child, unable to cope with world problems.
I’ve thought a lot about this emotional see saw. It happens that during the day they can mourn, laugh my head, being depressed and being indifferent – all in 12 hours. Such changes in mood, of course, conditioned by the level of pain and intensity of activities. The amount of work I have done during the day there is always an appropriate dose of pain during the night. While work in the morning pills (prednisone, NSAIDs, medicines for heart and no plaque), I am a pretty positive person. But before mixing with the blood that I have to wait patiently on the platform of heating, with the hope of being able to stand in the coming hours.