Having read all that has been said about Tramadol online, I came to the conclusion that the world needed to hear my side of the story. At the mere age of 40 I had a work accident which led to the unfortunate amputation of my lower leg. They put me on the waiting list for a prosthetic leg, and on painkillers for the intense pain I was experiencing in the phantom limb. Life was extremely difficult with me and the only time I was happy, not to mention pain-free was when Tramadol was running through my veins.

I went from doctor to doctor trying to obtain that prosthesis as soon as possible but it seemed that I was in for the long run. They all told me I had to wait and take my meds without complaining. My active life had been reduced to sitting in the backyard and enjoying the last days of spring; I had become a person with a handicap unwillingly and without even knowing an addict.